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About Us


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At Bomuca we are interested in your health and in these times of so much perplexity brought on by the adversity of a global pandemic, we decided to look to the good. And it is that our entire work team has shown to have the capabilities that we were not aware of, strivesevery day to be more innovative and consistent, dreamers, they shake hands, elbows, arms, shoulders, more than as colleagues, as brothers, to make our products available to our customers based on determination, professionalism and quality service.

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General Management

Bomuca International Corporation

We are

We have been in the supplement industry for 31 years now.
For us, the core of the industry is not about supplements, it´s about serving people.

In 2006, Bomuca opened its doors to the Latin market in the U.S. As a result of our continuos growth, we are now expanding operations in Canada and in Latin America.

Bomuca has dedicated itself to establishing the culture of physical and mental care in children, youth, adults and the elderly, who value the importance of their body above all things. It is true that there are more entertaining hobbies than wellness, in a generation so invaded by jovial messages from other categories, health is not exactly the one that has the most followers. This really helped us understand that we should look under the stones to find the people whom we wanted to connect, and when lifting even the grains of sand we found that there are hundreds of leaders ins ocial networks of all levels, from nutritionist, bodybullders, trainers calisthenics and video bloggers sharing tips for improving the immune system and balanced diets. This helped us become a brand for nutrition ambassadors. Now we seek to get closer to more people with the strength, wisdom and decisiveness to dedicate themselves to helping others with what they do best: communicate! None of them have to do with our company… until today. Because now we are the brand that instead of baing followed by weliness fans, we follor them.

With Bomuca #HealthFollowsYou.


We put the truth before our own benefit or pride.


We serve our community, friends and family, then we do it all again.


It is obvious that we believe in our products, but beyond that, we trust our team, our suppliers and above all, we trust the judgment of our clients.


Add to the wellbeing of the people that choose to improve their quality of life quality


To arrive to new markets, based on an international platform, and a wide variety of products, recognizing the needs of new generation, and demonstrating that everyone has the right to feel well.


We seek growth and objectivity in the diversity of ideas and thoughts.

Great Service

We treat the community as we treat family, because we care.